The celebration of Father’s Day, while not of the same commercial magnitude as Mother’s Day, is still a busy day for retailers. Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day has children snapping up gifs and cards to show their love and appreciation for the parenting they received. Businesses take advantage of the occasion to sell their products as Father’s Day gifts.

Fathers Day Creative Advertisements

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

Companies may create advertising campaigns using Father’s Day as the theme. Even products that have no relevance to the celebration are sold under the banner of Father’s Day sales.

How well businesses can capitalize on the holiday with effective advertisements can determine how strong their June sales will be. Here’s a look at just a few businesses that nailed the Father’s Day advertising opportunity:

  • Durex – Durex is a condom manufacturer that focuses on the effectiveness of its product for contraception. In its Father’s Day campaign, the company posted a short message: “To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Father’s Day.” The concept was simple but witty.
  • Durex – Another Durex Father’s Day campaign caught people’s attention. The advertisement features an obviously embarrassed man with the caption: “That awkward moment when you decided to buy chewing gum instead. Happy Father’s Day – Durex.” The man in the ad has clearly learned that fatherhood may be in his near future.
  • Telecom – The communications company shared a brief message enjoining people to call their fathers for the holiday: “He took you to school. He removed the training wheels from your bike. He taught you to work hard. In spite of all that, call him.” This was a simple yet powerful invitation that appealed to people’s sentimentality.

Don’t let the Father’s Day sales opportunity pass you by. Your advertising campaign doesn’t have to be elaborate. Let your creative juices flow to come up with a simple but memorable message—be it funny or touching.