For outdoor advertising, you can opt for mesh banners or traditional banners with wind slits. Banners can be placed on building exteriors to advertise sales and promotions. They can also be used to cover fences that were set up around the perimeter of construction sites.

Best Type of Banner for Outdoor Advertising

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Before making your selection, it’s best to understand the difference between the two types of banners. Wind slit banners have an opening that allows the wind to pass through the banner, reducing stress on the vinyl. The banner will function like the sail of a boat catching the wind. Without the slits, the structure that supports the banner may be buffeted by the wind, causing damage or injury to people nearby. The slits in the banner are usually cut as a half moon or a half circle. The cut portion serves as a flap, opening when the wind is blowing and closing when the wind settles down.

Mesh banners use a vinyl material with a weave that leaves small areas for the wind to pass through. It is the same as the traditional vinyl banners in the sense that it can be used for the printing of high-resolution graphics. The only difference is that the mesh banner has tiny holes that are intended for the passage of air. The holes prevent the pressure of the wind from building up, thus eliminating the stress on the vinyl.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of the mesh banners include the following:

  • They allow a high percentage of wind to pass through
  •  There are fewer risks of construction fences (or other supporting structures) being blown away by the wind
  • The graphics are displayed prominently, without any disruption by the cuts or slits
  • The banners are transparent when they are backlit

The disadvantage of the mesh banner is that less wind will pass through it.

The advantage of the banner with wind slits is that it allows more wind to pass through the banner.

The following are the disadvantages of wind slit banners:

  • The vibrant graphics have no transparency
  • Increased risk of fences (or other supporting structures) blowing down during high winds
  • Graphics are disrupted by cuts in the banner.