In today’s world, it has become crucial to use effective marketing tools to survive in competitive industries. People are more and more growing equally concerned about their impact on the environment too. Consumers want to see products and manufacturing processes going “green'” and being environmentally friendly. At Instant One Media, we stand for effective processes and minimal footprints on the environment.

One the leading causes of pollution is poor planning and implementation when using materials. It is no secret that many companies are quite wasteful during production processes. This leads to wastage in resources. However, at Instant One Media, we pride ourselves on comprehensive research before undertaking any manufacturing process. In addition, we have laid out effective quality checks to make certain that each step is monitored. This has greatly assisted in minimizing product waste. We hope to encourage others to revisit their product plans this World Environment Day to join us in making any small improvements that we can.

In the last decade, calls to embrace eco-friendly processes have been on the rise. This has been brought about by several factors, include global warming, green house effect, as well as health concerns. In light of this, we at Instant One Media have endeavored to make our manufacturing and supply process as green as it can be. This entails using products that can be recycled easily, using ingredients that have minimal environmental impact, and also adopting energy efficient processes.


We strive to reuse or recycle excess from our vinyl manufacturing processes. We encourage sign companies to do the same during their production. Recycling waste ensures that vinyl or laminate can be reused more than once. Furthermore, reusing an item reduces the energy demands since no new inventory is manufactured. Boxes or cartons from shipping and packaging can often be re-used as well.

Printers can also collect spent ink cartridges and refill them with new ink, saving on creating cartridge waste. Many companies may simply drain remnant ink, clean and refill the cartridge with new ink. Often times you can save that remnant ink as well. After collecting the cartridges, safely drain the unspent ink and reuse in filled ink bottles. Therefore, no ink goes to waste either. This strategy reduces harmful pollutants that may escape into the environment.

Each year, on the 5th of June, the world celebrates World Environment Day. If reducing pollution or greenhouse gasses is one of your goals, then you may consider adopting eco-friendly processes too. As a printer and supplier, we have embraced strategies that help in minimizing environmental destruction. We hope you join us.