We all love the environment. We like to take it one step further and run an efficient business and minimize our footprint on the environment wherever possible. As a company driven by sustainability and best practice, our employees are passionate about making the earth a better place than we found it. We are happy that our customers feel the same and like to share ideas with others on making the most of your inventory.

We encourage environmental friendly agendas, like making sure unused ink is completely sapped from ink cartridges before they are recycled. Letfover ink can be placed in storage bottles for future use. Start out projects by carefully planning your prints. This ensures there are very insignificant leftovers of vinyl film and laminate. While this is a plus in benefitting the environment in that fewer pollutants are discharged, it is also profitable for yur company in that materials are fully utilized and the output is maximized.

As we make our products and services environmentally sustainable, we help our customers achieve economical sustainability. Being lean doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient. We neither sacrifice the quality of our products nor do we overcharge. Our clients can attest that our sign vinyl products are the cheapest in the market and will perform excellently in all of your jobs. Whenever you print with our laminate you can be guaranteed to receive superior results.

While we strive to offer fiscally efficient services and products, it is our clients who benefit more as we give them a competitive edge over their competitors. Our clients are able to deliver high quality signs and prints at considerably lower prices with higher profits. Our new sign vinyl product is priced so low that you do not have to peruse numerous catalogs to know you are getting quality product at the cheapest rates. Since we are printers too, we understand that even a slight price reduction can give you the much needed breakthrough for your business. We let you enjoy more profitable dealings than your competitors while bidding less than them. When you purchase our affordable 54″ laminate you will be able to charge your clients less, and still achieve the same profit. Since customers are happy with your low pricing and fast turnaround, they will order more volume, raising your profit margins even higher.

You no longer have to pay more for the same white-label vinyl. Avoid paying high prices after each middle man has added on their cut. Buy wholesale laminate from Instant One Media that is comparable to 3M, Brightline, Avery and Oracal, but at a more affordable price. Save all the money you could have paid the middle men and reinvest it back into your business.