Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season and is the biggest U.S. shopping day of the year. In 2016, Black Friday sales generated a total of $655.8 billion. The shopping frenzy revs up in response to huge discounts offered by retailers. Shoppers can expect great deals on clothing, toys, tools, housewares and more. Some items may be discounted by as much as 50 percent.

Black Friday

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A small business can sell a lot of merchandise on Black Friday even if they do not offer the same big discounts offered by big-box stores. The following are some tips to sell more on Black Friday:

  • Promote special deals for your email marketing list – Email your customers Black Friday coupons that they can use to purchase any of the products that you sell. The personal touch will hold special weight with your customers.
  • Offer free setup – If you are selling electronic goods, offer free setup as part of the deal.
  • Place social media ads – With people off of work, they may have more chances to check their social media accounts. Advertising on Google and Facebook can allow you to reach a broad swath of prospective customers.
  • Give freebies – Give something free along with product purchases. For example, if you sell television sets, enclose a free e-book on how to optimize the new TV.
  • Pass out coupons – People will be lining up outside big-box stores early on Thanksgiving Day waiting for stores to open. Hand out free coupons for your products which they could purchase after their shopping spree. Remember, though, to get permission from the management of the store where you will be handing out your coupons.
  • Advertise through vinyl banners – Advertise your products by posting vinyl banners in conspicuous locations around the city. Avery wall wrap vinyl banners and decals are attractive advertising materials that will be noticed by customers.

If you are interested in diversifying your inventory, try printing vinyl banners that other companies could purchase for product advertising.