Now, more than ever, the effects on the environment from humanity are being felt. As a business owner, there are things that all of us can do to protect our environment, embrace sustainable practices, or to reduce wasting resources.

Arbor Day

Abide by the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

There are numerous items in the office that you can do without. An easy example would be paper cups at the water cooler. You can encourage everyone to bring their own mugs. This alone will greatly reduce unnecessary waste.

Avoid unnecessarily printing, too. Rather than sending out memos and letters on printed paper that would, later on, end up in the trash, why not use e-mail? If there is truly a need to print something, consider reusing the back (unused side) of previously printed paper.

In our case at Instant One Media, we are committed to helping the environment by making a conscious effort to recycle as much wholesale vinyl scraps as is feasible.

Use electricity efficiently

Make a conscious effort to ensure that all computers, printers, and other office equipment are turned off before leaving for home. For devices that must remain on, make sure they are set to the most energy efficient mode available. Another effective energy saving measure is to use natural lighting as much as possible. Natural light is not only easy on the eyes, but it is free.

Utilize environment-friendly cleaning products

Encourage your cleaning crew or maintenance personnel to use cleaning products that are non-toxic and friendly to the environment.

Patronize recycled products

It is understandable that no matter how hard you push for a paperless office, printing and using paper cannot be avoided. Fortunately, there is still a way for you to help the environment by purchasing paper, envelopes, and other office supplies that have already been recycled.

Rearrange the office

If the entire office is highly dependent on desktop fans to stay cool or lights-galore for lighting, consider rearranging your workspace. Office furniture and set-up could be rearranged so that desktops benefit from natural light. Even better, as you move your desk closer to the window for natural light you position yourself so that you can open the window for free air-flow, too.

The tips above are easy and doable. Any business can implement and adapt the items on the list to save energy, money, and to benefit the environment. The only requirement is dedication.