Back to School! Yes, it is time for the kids to go back to school. It means every parent, student and teacher has to do a lot of shopping and preparation. Starting from school admission, the preparations for back to school season is not a short list. Did you know that back-to-school spending is among the largest spending events in the world? Yes, it is true. With such a large impact on the economy, schools will be looking for signage and retailers will be too. There are a lot of opportunities for sign sales in this season. Are you ready to produce for them?

Why are laminate and viny signs and banners preferred? They are colorful and attractive. They are space saving and money saving. Back-to-school sales are seasonal. Shops are in not in need of permanent signs. Vinyl signs can be easily installed before the beginning of the season and removed at the end of the season. Vinyl and laminate enhances the color contrast and brightens the color of the ink. Laminate signs are water-proof and are not affected by the UV rays from the sun. They provide durability, affordability and value.

Stop paying too much for your bulk vinyl and wholesale laminate inventory. Don’t pay for expensive vinyl and 54 inch laminate from major distributors. Many of them simply buy from off shore places and private label their vinyl. Many major distributors then resell to smaller distributors. Everyone takes their cut and marks up the prices. Why not cut out the middle man? This is what Instant One Media does for you. You place the order directly through us and we deliver directly to you.. Our innovative approach to bulk laminate and wholesale vinyl means money savings for you, because there are no middle men companies between your purchase and our inventory delivery.

We don’t upsell you on silly claims of added features. We simply provide the added features like no-bubble technology at no extra cost. Other manufacturers or distributors of vinyl have hundreds of materials displayed on their shelves. There is no need for tons of vinyl on display if the top materials are selected and their best features are taken and introduced in a single product. What is the ultimate result? The price is reduced to a large extent. That’s exactly what Instant One Media offers. Simple solutions at affordable prices.

Back-to school season is round the corner. Stock up on quality sign vinyl and laminate without breaking the bank. Watch profits increase simply from the lower cost of investment with the quality vinyl products from Instant One Media.