Monday, May 1 is National Loyalty Day in the U.S. It is a day when Americans reaffirm their loyalty to the country and gratitude for their heritage of freedom.

Award Your Loyal Employees

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Many employers also use this day to recognize their loyal employees and show appreciation for the services they render to the company. They may recognize the workers at meetings or give them bonuses or gifts.

Here are some ways to show gratitude to loyal employees:

  • Flexible hours – Allowing team members to adjust their hours on occasion can do a lot to build morale. They don’t need to change the number of hours they work, but you might allow them to make their own schedule on certain days to accommodate their personal commitments.
  • Heartfelt notes – A thank you note from the company CEO can be a priceless reward when given sincerely and selectively.
  • Free lunch – Providing pizza or a catered lunch is a great way to thank employees. It breaks the routine of work and allows co-workers to bond with a shared meal.
  • Trading places – Swap desks with your honored employee for a day. This gives you the opportunity to work alongside your team, and the chosen employee can enjoy the solitude of your office.
  • Prime parking – Award employees with a plum spot in the parking lot with their name on it.
  • Day off pass – Giving your loyal employee an extra day off work, with pay of course, makes for a great reward, especially if you allow the employee to pick the day.
  • Tour time – In elementary school, we loved field trips. Adults like venturing out of the office for tours, too. Try taking hard-working employees with you for a tour of one of your supplier’s facilities.
  • Presidential seal – Compose a formal letter of recognition for employees’ achievements. Sign it and affix the company’s seal for extra effect. Frame the letter before presenting it.

Above all, treat your employees with honor and respect. An employee who feels appreciated will often work harder and stay with your company longer. The practice of investing in employees pays off.