2017 saw digital ad spending surpass traditional TV ad spending. This is a clear sign that for 2018, marketers will be focusing on the power of digital. They will work to gain access to target audiences, including millennials, and seize opportunities to share digital messages with them.


Watch for the following trends to dominate the advertising industry in the coming months:

  • Niche-targeting – The technique of using broad categories such as gender or age as the basis of advertising decisions is passé. The trend now is for advertisers to target more niche markets based on in-depth user data. This precision targeting will allow advertisers to maximize their expenditures.
  • Man vs. bots – Advertising will continued to be hampered by the increase in non-human traffic that threatens the growth of the industry. Advertisers will spend more money trying to evade and contain non-human traffic through traffic-filtering technologies.
  • Mobile marches on – In recent years, there has been a significant decline in live television viewing, which reduced the effectiveness of TV advertising. The decline is due to the growing popularity of mobile devices. Advertisers will focus heavily on mobile users this year.
  • Augmented reality marketing – Augmented reality is here, and everybody is embracing it. AR is expected to dominate the scene in 2018, with advertisers developing apps to ride on the AR functionality. Do not be surprised to see blank billboards whose messages can only be seen with the aid of a phone screen. Expect advertisers to include a wide variety of AR components in their strategies.

Advertising is never static, and 2018 promises to bring exciting new features and efficiencies as advertisers work to confront new challenges and adjust to an ever-changing audience.