Summer is fast approaching and different businesses are now preparing how they can enjoy the nice weather and increase their summer sales. One of the best things you can do in getting more customers is to let them know about the great products and services you offer. You can do this with signs. And when you’re ready to order from your local print shop, ask for Instant One Media’s No Bubble vinyl and cold laminate film.

Features and Benefits of Using No Bubble Vinyl and Cold Laminate

Using our No Bubble Vinyl and Cold Laminate as part of your advertisement will not only help you to inform your customers about your latest products and services, but will also help you lower your advertising expenses. Our vinyl is very durable and will provide for signage that will last years.

In terms of compatibility, our vinyl can be used with Solvent, Eco, UV and Latex printers. This provides diversity for printers to be able to print you quality signs at affordable prices. You can also choose between gloss and matte finish. Our product’s No Bubble technology makes application faster, more efficient and bubble free. With such easy application it makes this vinyl perfect for advertisement on vehicles, walls, floors, sign wraps and other outdoor applications.

Why Our Prices are Low

Most of the vinyl and laminate in the market before us would come from varying sources, sold and resold along the way. Since they are being transferred to different distributors at different levels, prices become high because each company takes their cut. In our case, we remove the other companies and get the vinyl directly to our clients, enabling lower prices to consumers.

Increase Your Sales with the Right Type of Advertisement

Indicating your products and services outdoors with the use of vinyl and laminate allows you to generate more sales. You just need to be creative enough in giving the right message to your target audience. Once you have come up with the right sales message, our vinyl and high quality laminate provide for signs that will share your message for years to come.

Take the Opportunity and Enjoy the Summer Weather

Get up and explore on how you can create more exciting summer deals for your business and customers. Give your customers a great experience and let your business flourish by increasing demand this summer with attractive signage. Let them know what you are up to this summer by allowing us to help you with your printed advertisements. Choose only the best. Ask for Instant One Media.