Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated every March 17, the death date of the foremost patron saint of Ireland. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is not only limited to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is also widely celebrated in countries around the world. Even in areas where there are few to no Irish immigrants, people still get in on the green-themed holiday.

St Patricks Day

(Pixabay / Wokandapix)

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in North America has been influenced largely by the practices of Irish immigrants. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are marked by public parades, festivals, traditional Irish music, Irish dancing, and the wearing of green attire. St. Patrick’s Day parades actually originated in the United States and spread later to Ireland. The parades include marching bands, representatives from the military and fire brigades, cultural and charitable organizations, and youth groups. Over time, the parades have transformed into full carnivals with scores of other side activities for families. Famous landmarks are lit up in green across the country. In Illinois, the Chicago River is actually died green to commemorate the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day and Business

Businesses use St. Patrick’s Day to increase their sales. Tying a brand or product to a conspicuous day is often a smart strategy. Marketing moguls incorporate themes from the holiday into their campaigns. Retail stores run St. Patrick’s Day specials. Mainstream and online advertisers capitalize on the celebration to drive up sales. Advertisers adopt slogans tying in to the “luck o’ the Irish” and other holiday-themed maxims.

Even the color green can help associate a business with the holiday. Stores can catch the eye of the public by using green signage or filling their store with St. Patrick’s Day décor. Clothing stores might run a special on green wardrobe items. Grocery stores can offer discounts on traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal items such as corned beef and cabbage. Even if your business or product is not directly associated with the holiday, with a little creativity, you can establish a link and build on the holiday to increase sales.