Box truck graphics are a simple and practical way to draw attention to your business. Box truck graphics draw on the same principle employed by outdoor billboard advertising. People see the billboard signs as they pass by and are moved to action. The same applies to box truck advertising, which can function like a moving billboard.

Advertise with Box Truck Graphics

(Pixabay / fkevin)

Box truck graphics use conformable vinyl material with a high-quality print or clear wraps that are molded to fit vehicle specifications. In both cases, the material is flexible and can conform to the contours of the vehicle.

If you’re considering advertising with box truck graphics, consider these perks:

  • Cost effective – Small companies that have limited funds can still reach consumers. It can be very expensive to advertise through television, billboards, Internet, or newspaper, but most businesses can afford box truck graphics.
  • Exposure – Many consumers are turned off by intrusive television and radio ads. Truck advertising may be perceived as less invasive because it doesn’t interrupt anyone’s favorite show or music playlist. Rather, the advertisements can be viewed as people are idling in traffic with few other things to look at. Your business can generate increasing amounts of exposure based on the driving volume of your company vehicles. As your trucks take your products to stores or warehouses, people along the route will become familiar with your brand.
  • Versatility –You can design your box truck graphics based on your understanding of your unique target market. Box truck advertising works for all kinds of businesses, ranging from restaurants to barber shops. You can put the graphics on your own vehicles or pay for advertising space on other people’s trucks.
  • Branding – Box truck graphics can help continually expose potential customers to your business, familiarizing them with your brand.
  • Protection – Box truck graphics can also help shield your vehicle from scratches and dings.

For a modest investment, you can turn your vehicle into a billboard on wheels. There’s little to lose. If you decide to update or remove the graphics in the future, they can be easily detached without scratching your vehicle’s paint.