October is a Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a woman owned business, Instant One Media is passionate about breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Next to skin cancer, breast cancer is the most widely recognized disease among women in the United States. The good news is that with proper education, understanding, and early detection, breast cancer has a high success rate.

Here are five ways that you can participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month or how you can learn more about breast cancer.

1 – Get educated

Every year, there are approximately 200,000 new diagnoses of breast cancer and 40,000 deaths. Educate yourself on symptoms, self-exams, and annual screenings.

2 – Show others how it is done

Early discovery is vital to be among the 90% of breast cancer survivors. In appreciation for breast cancer awareness month, many medical facilities offer free exams. Free or not, schedule your exam today.

3 – Energize your loved ones

Encourage loved ones to get screened, too.

4 – Expand mindfulness in your group

Support the cause of breast cancer awareness. This can be as simple as embracing wearing pink, or you can be more involved by educating yourself and others, donating, etc.

5 – Volunteer your time

Not only are cash donations valuable to the cause, but time is equal, if not more important than cash donations, too. There are numerous foundations out there looking for a bit of additional help. Do your part in your local community to comfort those that are going through cancer treatment, have survived, or are just in need of emotional support.