A bouquet of your mom’s favorite flowers, a box of chocolates, a dinner date, a movie date, etc. are all common Mother’s Day gifts. Instead of giving her the same for the nth time, why not switch it up a bit?

Mothers Day

Being creative for Mother’s Day does not require an expensive investment like a wildlife safari or a grand European tour. Heart-felt appreciation is what matters. Here are a few customer-submitted ideas to help you surprise the special mom in your life or your kids’ lives.

1. Go on a themed weekend picnic. It is not just your ordinary picnic day, but make it special by preparing all the things that you need to bring. Needless to say, you don’t need to ask mom to make sandwiches for the picnic, right? But to make your weekend rendezvous exciting, go somewhere new, bring the whole family, set up games and let the kids prepare a surprise song or dance for your dearest mom.

2. A little hunting game. Leave clues for your mom to follow and riddles to solve. The last riddle will reveal your surprise.

3. Leave small notes in places that mom will least expect it. Leave a sticky note about how you love her in her drawer, in her purse, or in the pocket of her jacket. Even if she doesn’t find all of your notes within the same day, is a sweet surprise even after Mother’s Day.

4. Clean the whole house. Freeing your mom from the household chores even for a day will surely surprise her.

5. Enlarge some photos of mom and the kids when they were little. Nostalgia will surely abound your home, and your mom will surely appreciate it.

6. Schedule a movie night, at home. Speaking of nostalgia, surprise mom with a collection of past photos and videos on the flat screen or projector.

7. Surprise your mom with opera tickets or another unique event. To make it more special, you can hire a limo for the evening.

8. Set up a theater play day. If you want to start a family tradition, this is a nice one. Let the kids come up with their own skits and let your mom enjoy the show. To make it more fun, let one of the kids mimic your mom. It’ll surely bring everybody to laugh.

9. Create wonderful music together. If your mom is fond of singing, then maybe it is time to surprise her with her own music recording session?

10. Treat your mom to a day of pampering. Bring her to the spa or her favorite relaxation destination, but without her knowing about it in advance.

11. If mom is a business owner, surprise her by wrapping her vehicle in vinyl with her logo or business branding?